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Frank J. Ruggiero, DPT at Integrative PT of NYC

Frank J. Ruggiero, DPT

Dr. Frank J. Ruggiero received his doctoral degree in physical therapy from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia in 2004. Upon graduation, Dr. Ruggiero honed his physical therapy skills working in a variety of settings including outpatient care, acute care, rehabilitation and home care. Dr. Ruggiero has attended various postgraduate courses with McKenzie, and NYU postgraduate continuing education in orthopedics and manual therapy.

Dr. Ruggiero began working with Dr. Willner in 2007 at his private practice in midtown Manhattan. Under the direction of Dr. Willner, Dr. Ruggiero fine-tuned his skills as a manual therapist and quickly adapted to Dr. Willner’s model of care. It is an approach that is patient centered and manually focused physical therapy in the areas of spinal, orthopedic and sports related injuries. Due to Dr. Ruggiero’s varied experience in the field of physical therapy over the first few years of his career he was able to experience other outpatient settings, many of which he found lacking in manual therapy and quality care; Dr. Ruggiero knew that he wanted to tailor his own practice to the patient centered and manual approach focused on by Dr. Willner.

Dr. Ruggiero enjoys staying active and maintains a healthy workout routine which involves a lot of running. He has run the 2009 and 2013 NYC marathons. He takes his own experiences of working out to help better guide his patients with training and rehabilitation. Dr. Ruggiero is also a member of the FDNY and is stationed at Engine 24 in the West Village. When he is not working as a physical therapist or fireman he is spending time with his wife and daughters.

James E. Higgins, DPT at Integrative PT of NYC

James E. Higgins, DPT

Dr. James E. Higgins received his doctoral degree in physical therapy from Nova Southeastern University in 2015. While in Physical Therapy School, Dr. Higgins gained Physical Therapy experience by completing various internships in the general hospital setting at Franklin Hospital, the nursing home setting at Townhouse Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing, and the out-patient setting at Metro Physical and Aquatic Therapy. After taking in each Physical Therapy setting and earning his doctoral license, Dr. Higgins found a primary interest in out-patient care.

While interviewing for positions, Dr. Higgins was impressed by Integrative Physical Therapy of NYC’s patient centered and manual therapy based approach to Physical Therapy. Through his experience as a therapist and patient, he felt these two concepts were, and are, imperative for improving patient recovery and functionality. In early 2016, Dr. Higgins began working at Integrative Physical Therapy of NYC under the mentorship of Dr. Ruggiero and Dr. Willner. At Integrative Physical Therapy, Dr. Higgins has been able to treat various orthopedic, spinal, and sports-related injuries through practicing various manual therapy techniques and implementing Integrative Physical Therapy’s model of patient care into his work. Dr. Higgins has recently completed a course in the McKenzie Method Diagnosis and Therapy of the Lumbar Spine and is centering his continuing education on orthopedic disorders and manual therapy topics.

When out of the office, Dr.Higgins enjoys living an active lifestyle, which includes; swimming, crossfit training, and triathlon training. He is also a member of the FDNY since 2016 and works out of Engine 14 in Union Square.

Gary S. Willner, DC, PT at Integrative PT of NYC

Gary S. Willner, DC, PT

Dr. Gary S. Willner received his degree in physical therapy from New York University in 1975. While working at Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation – NYU Medical Center from 1976-1980 he had extensive clinical experience in orthopedics, manual therapy and sports related injuries which included postgraduate courses with Mckenzie, Paris, Grimsby, Cyriax, Maitland and others.

Dr. Willner attended New York Chiropractic College from1980-1984. Upon graduation, he established his private practice in New York City blending physical therapy and chiropractic care. Over the past 30 years, he has utilized an eclectic approach in treatment of spinal, orthopedic and sports related injuries.

Dr. Willner has also lectured to various professional groups on assessment and treatment of orthopedic and spinal conditions. He has lectured at New York University Medical Center and Southside Health Institute while assisting the NYU TMJ program. From 2000-2003 he was on the faculty of Rocky Mountain University of Health Professionals where he lectured to doctoral students in orthopedic physical therapy. His treatment of orthopedic and spinal related disorders relies upon functional assessment including motion palpation as a diagnostic technique and mobilization as a therapeutic approach to joint dysfunction and derangement.

David Stenhouse at Integrative PT of NYC

David Stenhouse

David Stenhouse was a manager/personal trainer for 11 years at a local gym. David has been with Integrative Physical Therapy of NYC for over 6 years as a Therapy Aid. Soon after being a Physical Therapy Aid he transitioned to the role of Office Manager. Dave is certified in Medical Coding and Billing, dealing with everything from billing to scheduling appointments.

In his spare time Dave likes to stay active and train in Martial Arts, he is a black belt in Karate. His experience as a personal trainer has been vital in helping with patients. When you make an appointment it is likely his voice you will hear on the other end of the phone and when you come in he will be there to greet you.

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Integrative Physical Therapy of NYC is a small Physical Therapy office in the heart of Midtown East, one block from Grand Central Station. We provide hands-on manual therapy, specifically tailored to each individual. Our small office allows us the ability to build strong relationships with our patients. Here at Integrative Physical Therapy of NYC, there is a vested interest in the quality of care we provide and this is the reason patients continue to entrust their recovery process with us. The number one goal is to get our patients better in the most efficient time and to educate them on how to manage their pain in the future to prevent and resolve future injury independently.